Live Tracker - Catalina Channel

My Catalina Channel solo swim starts at midnight Friday 4th September and will finish at lunchtime Saturday 5th September, 2015 - Los Angeles time.

For Sydney-siders, this is a 5pm start on Saturday 5th September with a very early finish on Sunday morning for those tracking! 

The swim is 33km and should take me in the vicinity of 12 hours. In comparison to the English Channel, this will be a "straight-line" swim - no "S" curves for me!

My boat is called the "Bottom Scratcher".

We will leave San Pedro Harbour at 8pm PST and drive across to Catalina Island. I will then enter the water around midnight with my support kayaker Kent Nicholas and swim over to the rock at Catalina Island where the horn will blow signalling the start of my swim. The first six hours of my swim will be in darkness - eek! I know I am already looking forward to sunrise!

Water temps are currently around 20 degrees celsius, so this is going to be a lovely warm swim!

To follow my progress live, the following link will provide you my SPOT tracker location. This updates every 10 minutes:

Thank you to everyone for their support - my Facebook page will post live updates during the swim with global visibility so you can follow my progress even if you are not a Facebook friend!