Friday 20 July 2012

IT'S SWIM TIME!! Time to cross this English Channel!

Within 24 hours of finishing my last blog, I spoke to my boat captain who confirmed we were now on. The roller coaster of the last two days: 
“It’s looking good, you’re on for the weekend!” to “the weather has shifted, might not be so good” to “ you’re out tonight or tomorrow morning” , this sport of Channel swimming has bigger highs and lows than the hills on the Tour de France!
This morning began like any other, I went down to Dover Harbour and Bruce, Dad and I swam a lap of the bay. I called Mike at 10am to get an update on the weather, as I was pretty disappointed last night that it looked like it had shifted, and low and behold, it was looking good. I was cued for a potential start just after midnight or first thing tomorrow morning. Bruce immediately called his pilot who confirmed he was out at 1am. We both went into meltdown.... I could hardly eat breakfast, we were both just freaking out. The moment we had waited for for so long, was here, and after two weeks spending day in and day out swimming and talking about this one goal we were both going for, it was a pretty cool thing to be able to share “the call” together.
So my amazing support crew of Mum, Dad and my sister Annabel have made the sandwiches, prepped the gear and are ready to go. Passports are packed in case the French Maritime service want to board our boat as I swim, and cameras and phones are charged. 
I am so excited to do this! Bring on France!
Departure from England shores: 8.30am UK time/ 5.30pm AEST
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